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Today, there are a million and one ways to entertain children, but it’s increasingly the case that these involve sitting down indoors. In our busy lives, the pressures of work and the wonders of technology mean that our children are spending less time playing outside than ever before.

However, ask any adult for their favourite childhood memories and you’ll hear all about the outdoors – finding frogs, digging for treasure and damming streams. We want this generation to build the same fantastic memories.

Little Wild Things provides outdoor nature play for children in West Oxfordshire, giving them the chance to make mud pies, climb trees and build dens. By being a part of Little Wild Things we hope children will become confident outdoors and will be happier and healthier for it.

We want children to love being outdoors ... because nature is something that you never grow out of.

Our children spend less time outside
than any previous generation

Little Wild Things wants to change this

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